Workshops by Sacha

Sacha gives workshops and team sessions about making more sustainable choices.

She discusses that in order to develop a real sustainable society we need to go through a cultural transformation, starting with our own perceptions and habits.

Together with the participants, we discuss the following themes (amongst others):

  • What is sustainability exactly?
  • What are your core values in life? How do these influence your daily decisions?
  • What is the influence of your subconscious on your decisions?
  • How do you make your decisions?
  • How do you change your current mindset and that of others?

At the moment, these workshops will be in Dutch.


Experiences of previous participants

"Thank you, very educational, innovative and relaxed workshop. A positive and cheerful way of story-telling and motivating".

"I had an interesting workshop on sustainability in daily (consumer) life and the choices you can make yourself. Sacha is a great teacher who knows a lot about the subject. She creates a nice open group discussion and gives tips".

"Learned a lot about sustainability in terms of climate, food, clothing and more. Very interesting and educational. Thank you, Sacha."


I will plan new workshops soon! :)

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