The main goal of Sustainable Inspiration is to contribute to the cultural transformation needed to move towards a sustainable society.

We encourage everyone to reflect on their habits and core values in order to take steps towards more sustainable choices.


Most important concepts

What is sustainability really?
What are your core values in life? How do these influence your daily decisions?
What is the influence of your subconscious on your choices?
How do you change your current mindset?


Sacha Handgraaf, MSc


About Sacha

Sacha Handgraaf is the founder of Sustainable Inspiration. With a MSc in Sustainable Development and through her work speaking and training about sustainability, she has a deep knowledge of how a shift in cultural mindset is needed to create a truly sustainable society.

In 2019, Sacha was nominated for the VIVA400-award and part of the VIVA400-list. VIVA400 is a Dutch platform and network of ambitious and entrepreneurial women.
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